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    BCC ActiveArchive for Domino archives any Notes applications and converts them into a browser-compatible format. Fast, easy and secure!


    What does BCC ActiveArchive do?

    • BCC ActiveArchive converts any Notes application into a browser-compatible format with standardised views.
    • It allows for the converted content to be accessed via any browser in "ReadOnly" mode.
    • It uses the corporate identity CSS design files, enabling it to seamlessly blend in with existing browser applications.
    • BCC ActiveArchive works automatically without requiring manual adjustments to the design /programming of the application.
    • It evaluates the application design and the Notes documents with an integrated analysis.

    What makes BCC ActiveArchive so unique?

    Easy Archiving

    • Easy to use with "standard browser" user interface.

    High Security

    • Compliance with existing security requirements and permissions.
    • Automatic transfer of access rights from the source files to the target archives.
    • It is not only the files that are transferred, but also the existing access rights.
    • No new rights are required for additional technical users in the archiving process.

    Data Protection, Data Economy and Effective Housekeeping

    • Compliant with GDPR.
    • Purpose-specific data storage and timely deletion of data are ensured.
    • Retention periods are defined and stored in the target archive.
    • Archive data is regularly checked with AWA Manager and deleted according to the deadlines.

    Strong Encryption

    • Secure handling of strong Notes encryption.
    • Compliance with confidentiality, security chain for files encrypted in Notes during and after archiving is ensured.
    • Encryption of the source system is decrypted during the archiving run and seamlessly converted into encrypted pdf documents.



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    BCC ActiveArchive features at a glance

    • Domino Server based conversion of Notes app
    • Time flexible control as one-time tasks or regular conversion runs
    • Use CSS Stylesheets when converting documents and views
    • Profile based selection of the documents to be converted: Selection based on creation times, file types, creator etc. possible
    • Flexible definition of file path
    • Access via any HTTP or IIS Server = no more HCL Domino / Notes servers required to access application data
    • Local access possible
    • Export application data to PDF/A files

    Transfer from HCL Domino server to the browser

    This enables business and compliance requirements for further access to the application data.
    However, the application can still be
    removed from the HCL Notes / Domino server so that the number of servers can be significantly reduced.


    Synchronization of the Notes application data with the browser application

    The synchronization allows the provision of the entire data for the browser application.
    The number of Notes / Domino users can be reduced to the active
    “Power User”.
    The “Information Users” have access to the data of the Notes 
    applications at any time via the browser / IIS server.
    Typical application 
    examples are applications for the release and distribution of information such as: manuals, technical information, price lists and customer information. 

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