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    BCC Affirmatic for Microsoft Teams simplifies, securely delegates and automates Teams and Groups management processes.

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    Teams and Groups Management can be a time-consuming and tedious task, high level access is required and delegation to helpdesk or support staff would be difficult as they would need Team service admin rights, which is not a role that all support staff should have. Furthermore, companies adhering to compliance guidelines need audit proof documentation of changes, which is not easily available.



    With BCC Affirmatic for Microsoft Teams no administrative access to Office 365 AdminPortal is required for managing the Teams lifecycle.

    Provide corporate standards for Teams beyond the MicroSoft Teams templates. Standardize your Teams, members settings and more

    BCC Affirmatic Dashboard

    Delegate Teams management tasks to the helpdesk or to users themselves with "Self Service Teams Application".
    Add workflow and approval processes and ensure “housekeeping” procedures for archiving & deleting.


    • Management of the entire Teams life cycle
    • Simple integration into existing  management procedures
    • Configure processes and workflows
    • Delegate tasks to help-desk staff or enable user self-service
    • Comprehensive logging and traceability
    • Integrated Teams application 

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