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    Govern your Digital Workplace - Maximise Employee Experience

    • Delegate Administration and Self Services for M365
    • Establish effective Microsoft 365 & Teams Governance
    • Prevent Teams sprawl with Lifecycle Management
    • Manage Teams
    • Manage M365 Groups
    • Manage external User

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    Delegating management tasks for M365 is made easy with BCC Affirmatic. You can delegate Teams management tasks to helpdesk or users themselves via "Self Service Portals" without compromising security. Our profile-driven approach ensures that each new M365 resource is created consistently with the organization's required features and capabilities.

    You can define which tasks non-technical users or geographically delegated Local Service Desks are allowed to perform. Our platform provides a single point of administration, easy-to-use self-service requests with integrated approval workflows, and delegate administration according to your organizational structures. You can also segment tenant administration according to your organizational requirements and remove required technical access rights for standard administration.



    Managing external users in M365 is often a complex task that requires restricted access governed by responsible owners. BCC Affirmatic simplifies this task with easy forms to request external user accounts and approval workflows, automated processing to create Azure AD accounts, send information emails, and add users to Teams, Groups, and/or SharePoints, as well as monitoring expiration dates and grace periods to govern the lifecycle of external users.

    Administrative workflow automation is made easy with BCC Affirmatic. You can create standard solutions for administration tasks, automate manual workflows with custom PowerShell Scripts, and securely and centrally execute custom PowerShell Scripts.

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    Managing Microsoft Teams can be a time-consuming task that requires high-level access and delegation to helpdesk or support staff, which can be challenging due to the detailed admin rights required. BCC Affirmatic for Microsoft Teams simplifies this process by providing corporate standards beyond theTeams template, controlling Teams sprawl, lifecycle management, ensuring Teams ownerships, and detailed audit trails.

    Microsoft 365 Groups serve as the foundation for controlling access and security to your M365 resources. BCC Affirmatic provides essential tools for M365 Group Management to control access and security to M365 resources, including approval workflows, automated processes, and expiration dates.

    For security and compliance, accurate audit trails of changes made to electronic systems are required. BCC Affirmatic offers comprehensive logging, giving you a complete record of all admin changes made within the M365 resources. Lastly, our customizable web interface allows you to adapt to your corporate design and integrate M365 management into your existing corporate IT portals.

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