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BCC Mail Migration Engine: Microsoft Exchange Mailbox and Application Migration Made Easy

September 22, 2017

If you need to migrate your mail, we can help. You want this to be as painless a transition as possible? We thought so, that's why we enhanced our portfolio of products to add in amazing mail and application migration functionality. 

BCC Mail Migration, BCC have added the ability to easily migrate from IBM Domino to Microsoft mail platforms. Just set up a migration profile document, give it access to your Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Office 365 account and tell it to start. Encrypted emails can be migrated seamlessly BCC Mail Migration can take an encrypted email from IBM Notes, decrypt it, store it in Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Office 365 and encrypt it with an S/MIME certificate so that your emails stay secure. No need for a Client Migration Farm With BCC Mail Migration you won't need to install a client migration farm to move all of your users over. It runs on your existing Domino server and talks directly to your new Microsoft Office 365 account or Microsoft Exchange server.

So you need to close down the Domino server completely and you still have a bunch of business applications? HTML repositories of applications Got old mail archives or applications that you don't use any more? We bet you don't want them to be stuck in Domino forever. Right? BCC to the rescue. We can export them to a simple HTML based repository so that your users can access still them from a simple HTTP server of your choice.