Native Notes and Domino provide limited capabilities in supporting the complex processes of user, group or database administration. Skilled staff with high access level is forced to carry out large number of single-step administrative tasks, document them manually, and play the “telephone game” with users and requesters. Also, the standard Domino administration processes do not meet increasing security and compliance requirements.

AdminTool securely automates the user and group management processes within your IBM Domino environment, allows you to satisfy a strict compliance audit and reduces administration costs. AdminTool is ideal to control the Identity & Access Management in your Domino environment, because of it’s broad function range, almost unlimited flexibility, and it’s mature architecture, which has been steadily enhanced for more than 10 years. This solution also integrates with other BCC software to expand automated control into your environment such as integrated Notes client & user management. Combined use of BCC solutions can make your administration processes easier, faster and more secure.

AdminTool features include:

  • Management of the entire Notes user life cycle
  • Management of groups and mail-in databases
  • Configurable processes and workflows, request based processing
  • Integration with external systems (SAP, LDAP etc.)
  • Support for server consolidations, re-certifications, domain migrations etc.
  • Distributed responsibilities, delegation and user self service
  • Central ID management for improved access security
  • Safekeeping of Domino security objects without certifier access
  • Fully automated server based processing via Domino server task
  • Comprehensive logging and traceability
  • Advanced monitoring (AdminP) and system management

Why you you need AdminTool?

  • Reduce of TCO due to standardized processes (both business and technical) and automated workflows
  • Satisfy business requests to support ongoing operations and infrastructure projects
  • Establish process reliability through standards and audit proof documentation
  • Close security gaps through maximizing system and process security
  • Delegate tasks to user administration staff due to stringent separation of responsibilities
  • Simplify the system environment through full automation in connection with external systems (LDAP, SAP R/3, RACF etc)
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