Security and Compliance for IBM Domino Servers

  • Allow real-time audit and change prevention
  • Track Domino Directory changes
  • Ensure compliance with legal regulations
  • Control configuration changes
    with One-Click rollback
  • Safeguard your ID Vault
  • Automate server restart with
  • password protected server IDs

IBM Domino Server provides a range of security measures but the configuration can easily get complicated and give rise to major security issues. It is impossible to satisfy the security and compliance requirements of a multi-server environment in organizations without having a reliable track record of the access and configuration changes.
DominoProtect is a third party extension for IBM Domino servers that simplifies the system management, ensures compliance with legal regulations and adds an essential extra layer of security to the IBM Domino environment.
DominoProtect is a compliance tool for handling changes in IBM Domino systematically so that the system maintains its integrity over time. It consists of the procedures and techniques that are required to manage, evaluate proposed changes, track the changes, and to maintain an inventory of system and support documents as the system changes.

Prevent and track configuration changes in real-time

Track all actions occurring to the protected elements, which can be groups, connection or domain documents in your Domino Directory, as well as any type of configuration documents or ACLs on your server. You can choose the level of protection needed: just monitor the opening or modifying of events, or prevent these from happening. Provide flexible configuration options for elements to be protected as well as for actions to be processed (e.g. dialog box, e-mail notification). You can setup a protection for all relevant documents or specific forms, as well as single fields. The protection covers changes caused by replication as well as manual attempts.
DominoProtect tracks or prevents changes in real-time which guarantees consistent systems and means no dangerous system failures due to bad configurations. This has a clear advantage over using a scheduled approach, wherein one can only be informed about changes after they have already occurred.

Configuration management through approval workflow

When the protection for a specific element is activated, a request based, integrated workflow for the protected configuration objects is enabled. For the creation, change or deletion of these objects, a change request will be created automatically, with an optional approval cycle and multiple actions to be executed, such as sending an e-mail, processing of agents or the pop-up of dialog boxes.
The automatically generated detailed history of the changes will include who performed the change and when it occurred. All changes performed, all rejected change requests, as well as unsuccessful change attempts performed through the Notes Client or the Domino Administrator are recorded (audit trail).

Safeguard and secure ID Vault and Domino Directory

As the ID Vault contains both sensitive and critical data, securing the access and changes with reliable audit trail is crucial.

Securing the ID Vault is essential to meet the modern compliance needs. DominoProtect ensures a holistic approach for the security of the ID Vault. Preventing access to the ID Vault, managing changes to the ID Vault’s ACL, securing Security Event log documents, notifying the security team in case of extraction of IDs, protecting the ID Vault Admins group documents – are just a few examples of how DominoProtect can be used to safeguard the ID Vault.

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