Cloud Migration

When migrating to Office 365 there is no room for downtime or mistakes.

At BCC, we have helped migrate hundreds of customers and tens of thousands of users with no downtime, missing information, performance issues all while not having to sacrificing security.

Mail Migration: 

HCL Domino → Microsoft Exchange on Prem
HCL Domino → Microsoft 365 
Microsoft Exchange → Microsoft 365
Microsoft Exchange → HCL Domino  

Every day, the world sends around 347.3 billion emails. It is the #1 form of communication for businesses and their employees, and the thought of email being inaccessible or down is not an option. You need a trusted partner to ensure everything from migration, accessibility to email and archived content, recovery environments, as well as protection from viruses with every step logged and verified. 

Enter BCC. We help you ensure every aspect of your email migration and management is easy to plan and execute. From speed and efficiency of the migration process to accurately migrating mail threads, attachments, personal and group calendars, contacts, groups, to implementing policies that ensure that data and content is filtered, audited, and controlled so you can ensure you are meeting every aspect of compliance and governance simply and easily from one place.

Domino App Migration: 

Accessing data and files from your legacy systems can be tedious and challenging. Our Domino App Migration offers a hassle-free archiving process that allows you to securely move your Domino applications to the cloud. By doing so, you ensure that your legacy applications continue to meet your business needs while streamlining updates and maintenance for increased productivity. This migration also improves the scalability and accessibility of your apps, making them more adaptable and efficient for your evolving requirements.

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Our Products for Cloud Migration

BCC ActiveArchive product icon

BCC ActiveArchive

With it’s easy to use browser interface, BCC ActiveArchive for HCL Domino archives any HCL Notes applications and transforms the data for further use in different target systems.

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BCC Coexistence Gateway product icon

BCC Coexistence Gateway

During the coexistence phase, the BCC Coexistence Gateway supports Domino applications that are sending mail to already migrated HCL Notes users.

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BCC Coexistence Gateway - Free Busy  product icon

BCC Coexistence Gateway - Free Busy

BCC Coexistence Gateway - Free Busy is a coexistence tool that enables users on Domino to check the calendars for free/busy time on calendars on Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft 365. Tool also works from Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft 365 to Domino.

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BCC Domino Analyser product icon

BCC Domino Analyser

A server extension that enhances data management and security analysis in Domino environments by offering detailed insights into mail and application data.

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BCC MigrationEngine for Mail product icon

BCC MigrationEngine for Mail

A server-based solution, providing an automated transfer of (encrypted) emails, calendars, tasks, and contacts. Crafted for complex and compliance-sensitive enterprises, always maintaining full GDPR compliance.

HCL Domino to Office 365

Exchange to HCL Domino

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