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BCC, together with Binary Advisers, will showcase the world of Domino, offering you a unique opportunity to explore innovative strategies and practical solutions. This series is your gateway to mastering Domino integration with AI, optimizing licensing costs, and navigating seamless migration to advanced platforms. Don't miss this chance to transform your Domino experience and drive your business forward in 2024.

Migrating from Binary Tree to BCC Coexistence Gateway

Quest Software announced that in September, 2024 they will discontinue support for Binary Tree Domino migration software including coexistence. Learn what options you have in migrating to BCC, recognized as the best Domino migration technology in the world by Microsoft and Gartner.​

Register Now: Tuesday, April 30th

Archiving Domino Data in 2024

Analyze Domino data beyond just usage and content and archive it such a way that it can leveraged for AI training and more. Create your own private portal or integrate into a secure on-premises AI chatbot.

Register Now: Thursday, May 2nd

Integrating Domino with Generative AI

They say data is the new oil, and we think Domino is the new gold. Learn how you can really leverage Domino to help your company get ahead. Learn about specialize Domino app and data clasification and leverage unique RAG techniques including "chunking" and how they can be used to truly gain the advantage. This goes way beyond simple Copilot integration.

Register Now: Friday, May 3rd

How to Cut Your HCL Domino Licensing Costs by up to 80% in a Matter of Months

Frequently, 90% of Domino licenses are consumed by just 10% of applications. We can not only analyze these applications and provide a roadmap for transformation but also create an environment where a single license is all you need to access your Domino data.

Register Now: Monday, May 6th

Top Five Red Flags to Watch Out for When Choosing a Domino Migration Partner

Times have evolved, and there's no need to rely on outdated, risky technologies from Domino migration companies that emerged overnight. Learn about the top Red Flags to look for in choosing a migration partner.

Register Now: Tuesday, May 7th

Official partners

As a Microsoft Partner and HCL Software Partner, BCC has been at the forefront of business technology.

Leveraging our strategic partnerships with Microsoft and HCL Software, we specialize in helping businesses Pilot, Deploy, Migrate, Manage, Optimize, and Secure their essential technology environments. With solutions that leverage AI to support Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Exchange, HCL Domino, BCC is your trusted partner in navigating the complex landscape of modern business technologies.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What exactly do you do?

For businesses relying on Domino technologies, we offer a promising partnership to navigate the complexities of digital transformation, especially for those looking to leverage AI and integrate with Microsoft Dataverse, Copilot, Teams, and PowerApps.

How is AI integrated into your services, and what advantages does it offer?

Being both a HCL Software and Microsoft Partner, we differentiate ourselves through our unique blend of 20-year Domino expertise and successful integration with the Microsoft product space. This dual expertise is rare and positions us as the ideal partner for businesses looking to leverage their existing investments while embracing the future of technology. 

Why is transitioning to the Microsoft ecosystem a strategic move for businesses?

Transitioning to the Microsoft ecosystem aligns with the broader adoption of cloud, AI, and collaborative tools that are essential for modernizing operations, enhancing productivity, and fostering innovation. Microsoft's comprehensive suite of products offers scalability, security, and integration capabilities that are beneficial for businesses of all sizes. 

Why is specializing in Domino technology important for businesses?

Specializing in Domino technology is crucial for businesses that have invested in this platform and rely on it for critical operations. Our specialization ensures that these businesses can maximize their existing infrastructure's value, benefit from customized enhancements, and seamlessly integrate with new technologies. 

What makes you the preferred partner for transitioning from Domino to the Microsoft product space?

Our proven track record, specialized knowledge, and commitment to delivering tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients make us the preferred partner. Microsoft has acknowledged our Migration solution as best in-class because we understand the nuances of both Domino and Microsoft technologies, ensuring that our clients receive the best strategic advice and execution services for their transformation journey.

How does your long history in the industry benefit customers?

Our long-standing position in the industry provides customers with stability, reliability, and a wealth of knowledge. It means that we have navigated multiple technology cycles and can leverage this experience to help our clients avoid pitfalls, reduce risks, and capitalize on the biggest opportunity to date – AI – efficiently.

How can your expertise in Domino technology help businesses enhance or transform their existing infrastructure?

Our expertise allows us to tailor solutions that extend the functionality of Domino, integrate it with modern platforms like the Microsoft ecosystem, and apply AI capabilities to unlock new efficiencies and insights. This transformation reduces costs significantly and can revitalize legacy systems, making them more agile and competitive in today's digital environment. 

"Helping companies by supporting their collaboration migration strategy. Best in class supplier of migration tools based on Domino platform, for migrating to Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft 365, and Office 365."


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