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    If you have made the decision to go back to HCL Domino, or to bring in corporate data from Exchange back to HCL Domino and are looking for a solution, you need look no further. What you need is a migration that is equally as secure and flexible as HCL Domino itself. BCC MigrationEngine to HCL Domino offers such a mail migration from Exchange / Office 365 to HCL Domino. In a “World (Still) powered by Domino*”, a fast, secure and accurate method is required to take back corporate office data from Exchange and put it back to HCL Domino.

    The BCC MigrationEngineoffers fast migration with the highest fidelity of mail, and calendar, task and contact entries.

    BCC MigrationEngine is fully GDPR compliant and requires no human access to the mail on either source or destination.

    HCL Domino customers are able to execute high-performance, flexible and secure mail migrations.

    Despite other migration solutions requiring farms of client devices to read your mail and calendar from Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft/365 and write this to HCL Domino mail files, our solution is different. It runs on the HCL Domino server itself as a Server Add-In task, no other hardware is required. It is the only migration solution that runs directly on a HCL Domino 12 server. The tight integration of the BCC Migration Engine into the HCL Domino Server enables a cost-effective mail migration without the burden of installing and operating additional hardware such as Client Migration Farms.

    The BCC MailMigration Engine does not store on disk copies of the mail during transit, it is all held in volatile memory, and cleared once written to the target. This helps us to comply with privacy.

    The BCC MigrationEngine allows decentralized control & coordination of migrations with the integrated BCC Self Service Portal. The BCC Self Service Portal enables decentralized IT coordinators to actively control and execute the migration without the need for detailed technical knowledge and/or administrative access permissions.

    As part of M&A activities, acquired companies can easily be migrated to the existing HCL Domino mail platform.

    The BCC MigrationEngine is one of the leading solutions for mail migrations involving HCL Domino. Like HCL, BCC also welcomes and supports new HCL Domino customers who wish to migrate their mail system from Exchange or Office 365 to the new version of HCL Domino 12. BCC MigrationEngine is one of the leading mail migration solutions for the MS Exchange, Exchange Online (O365) and HCL Domino mail systems. BCC MigrationEngine acts as a "migration hub" which enables mail migrations for the market-leading mail systems:

    • Exchange
    • Office 365
    • HCL Domino

    BCC has been developing solutions for the Notes/Domino infrastructure for over 20 years and is one of the leading solution providers in the HCL Domino market. BCC MigrationEngine is based on over 20 years of experience in the Notes / Domino development space. With a comprehensive suite of solutions, BCC is able to help customers migrate, transform and subsequently manage the Digital Workplace on the Office 365 and HCL Domino platform.

    BCC MigrationEngine supports migrations from older MS Exchange versions such as 2010 and all current versions from 2013 to 2019 and Office 365. It supports all HCL Domino Versions and is already certified for HCL Domino 12.

    BCC Mail MigrationEngine to HCL Domino is the tool you need to make this project a success. Contact us for more details by sending an email to


    * Made in a keynote at the Domino 12 Launch by Richard Jefts, June 2021


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