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    BCC Mail Management solutions help you manage your messaging infrastructure, enhance your company’s email communication and meet regulatory requirements.

    Easily manage your email infrastructure, maintain email signature branding and disclaimers, centrally manage out-of-office delegation and message forwarding. Implement digital signatures and encryption, Anti-Virus and SPAM protection, secure document transfer and server based e-mail encryption and compliance requirements through e.g. automated archiving.

    • Ready to use, pre-configured complete solutions for secure messaging.
    • Quick, simple and affordable email encryption.
    • Seamless integration in Domino or Microsoft Exchange.
    • Hybrid configuration with Microsoft Office 365.
    • Centrally managed, standardized email signature, branding and disclaimer.
    • Out-of-office automation and mail forwarding to deputies.
    • Cost-efficient anti-virus protection through integrated anti-virus engines, such as AVIRA and ClamAV.
    • Savings in storage costs due to size limitation and compression of file attachments.
    • Comply with regulatory requirements through automated archiving of emails and central logging of all operations.

    BCC supports several platforms: Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365 and HCL Domino.

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    Manage Your E-Mail Communication

    Attacks on messaging systems and the costs for defending them have grown steadily over the last years. Any change of this progression is unlikely. The need to meet regulatory requirements (compliance) like archiving, legal liability and audits, causes increasing operating costs of any messaging infrastructure.

    At the same time, e-mail communication needs to become more efficient and secure, in order to meet the requirements of a modern business environment.

    BCC’s MailProtect provides a real time check of all of your e-mail messages based on “Mail Conditions” which interpret one or more configured rules (e.g. incoming messages or messages that contain attachments). This rule based configuration is extremely versatile, highly scalable and can match almost any scenario you may encounter during your daily operations.

    It is an all-in-one solution for secure messaging environments. The software provides a configurable rule base system and value-added services to manage and protect and enhance your messaging infrastructure and e-mail communication, using centrally managed corporate email policies. MailProtect automates the email management in your organization and provides an audit-proof documentation, e.g. by meeting compliance requirements through automated archiving of messages.

    Central Out-of-office Management including delegation and forwarding

    The delegation module of MailProtect can be used to inform business partners about the absence of an employee from the office. The sender of an e-mail needs to be informed about the period of absence and about a possible deputy. MailProtect allows the centralized organization of out-of-office notices and the forwarding to a deputy. By evaluating the configured rules, MailProtect can identify and decide if an e-mail should be forwarded to a deputy or if only an out-of-office message is sufficient. If the absent user is not able to activate his out-of-office settings, the task may be performed by your help desk without needing access to the employee’s personal mail file.

    To avoid unprofessional layouts in automatic reply messages, the content and formatting can be maintained and applied centrally for every message sent to your employees. If you use internal vacation databases, MailProtect can utilize use those resources to automatically create out-of-office replies and e-mail delegation messages.

    Maintain E-Mail Signature, Branding and Disclaimers

    With MailProtect’s rule based branding, you can centrally manage email signatures and branding for all your email clients. No local client configuration is necessary. The signatures can contain individual user signatures, company disclaimers, logos and graphics or advertising banners. This provides you with centralized corporate identity management when it comes to your email communication, as well as meeting compliance regulations.

    You can easily control which messages receive a personalized signature / disclaimer and which will not. Typically, a complete signature and disclaimer would only be added to a message sent to an external recipient. Internal recipients would receive a compressed version of the signature contents (e.g. just the name, department, and phone extension). It is also possible to restrict the message branding to a defined time period. For example, a news banner image for an upcoming event would only be applied to messages until the event’s end date.


    Secure Transmission of Attachments and E-mails

    MailProtect provides several secure messaging options such as conventional encryption, including certificate management options. Instant Encryption is based on AES encryption and designed to meet security requirements for communication partners not running their own S/MIME or PGP Public / Private Key Infrastructure (PKI).

    The Instant Encryption feature allows you send encrypted messages without using complicated PKI infrastructures.

    Outgoing messages are converted to password protected PDF documents, using 256-bit AES encryption. The original contents of the message’s body will be removed after it has been successfully moved to the PDF document.

    Files attached to a message will also be moved into the PDF file, from where they can be accessed and downloaded to your local hard drive. Depending on your configuration, the PDF document’s password is either sent to the intended recipient in a second e-mail or it may also be sent to the sender / recipient as a text message, directly to their mobile phones.

    Upon frequent communication between two users, a permanent password may be used for PDF encryption. The email containing the agreed password is only sent once to either recipient. In case the password is lost, it may be requested for delivery using a link provided within the original encrypted message. This simple and secure way of e-mail communication can also be used on mobile devices.

    Anti-Virus and Spam Protection

    MailProtect also provides multiple anti-virus services to shield your environment against SPAM and viruses. An OEM based anti-virus solution from market leader AVIRA is integrated for your convenience, as well as some other anti-virus products, like ClamAV. In addition, any command-line scan engine may be used for virus scanning. The scan options can be easily configured within MailProtect’s service documents.

    MailProtect also checks for SPAM and malicious content using advanced content filtering engines, based on the industry leading IBM X-FORCE® security. Users can review blocked messages in a web enabled quarantine database. At regular intervals, an integrated reporting service delivers reports containing a list of all messages currently contained within the quarantine database.

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