The 'White Knight' in your security arsenal

Add an exta layer of security to Domino.

Detecting and preventing accidental or malicious accesses to data that should be secure is a challenge for every enterprise. Discover how DominoProtect can reinforce your carefully managed access control lists and server security whilst providing a verifiable change record with optional rollback of changes. DominoProtect keeps your data safe and your reputation intact.

In this webinar you will learn how BCC's DominoProtect can:

  • Protect your ID Vault with security that cannot be circumvented
  • Implement Domino Server ID passwords whilst preserving the function of unattended server restarts
  • Create auditable logs of user activity and administrative changes
  • Remove unaccountable Global Administrative access to sensitive information


MikePerrett Join BCC Senior Consultant Mike Perrett and find out how to greatly reduce, if not eliminate altogether many of the weaker points in data security.

Mike has been working in the IT Industry for 25 years, with a focus on Domino and security.




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