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SUTOL Symposium 2016

November 10-11, 2016

Come and visit us at this years SUTOL Conference 2016, Prague, November 10th – November 11th.

BCC’s focus is on automation, security & compliance for your social business. We are presenting established solutions for the secure and cost-effective management of your IBM infrastructure. Find out how you can extend the automation of your IBM Domino user management to IBM Connections and IBM SmartCloud with AdminTool.

Come and see how you can boost the security of your IBM Domino environment, prevent unauthorised changes in real time and ensure regulatory compliance with DominoProtect and how to automate all database management processes – from creation to deletion with DBTool.

We'll also show you how MailProtect can easily protect your messaging infrastructure, ensure correct and corporate design compliant email signatures and how to encrypt outbund emails with instant encryption.

Learn how you can analyse your Notes environment, automate client setups centrally and simplify Notes upgrades and server domain consolidations with ClientGenie. It really is magical!


We'll be taking the stage twice during this event. Here are some details...

How to be a lion tamer (or keeping WebSphere under control with free tools)
11th November 11:45 - 12:30
Sharon Bellamy James / BCC Wannes Rams / Ramsit
In this session we'll show you tools freely available to give insight into your WebSphere deployment. We'll dive into the basics of WebSphere to allow you to spot where the problem is most likely occurring. Put your lion taming tools away and get cracking with these FREE tools. Highlighting performance issues and assisting in troubleshooting will also allow you to adapt the environment tuning to the real usage of resources of your environment.

You will have a healthy Connections system and happy users - take a bow epic admin.


A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Troubleshooting IBM Connections
11th November 15:00 - 15:45
Roberto Boccadoro / ELD Engineering

Sharon Bellamy James / BCC
If Connections is not working or there are issues, where do you look to determine the problem ? In this session we will cover logging, tracing and throw in some tips and tricks that will help you in troubleshooting.