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MWLUG 2015

August 19-21, 2015

Social collaboration professionals, come join us in Atlanta, GA for the seventh annual MWLUG conference. For three days you will be immersed in intensive exchange of knowledge and fun with other members of our ICS community. Meet with your fellow IT and business professionals and share your experiences and best practices.

As with our 2015 theme “Transforming Collaboration through Innovation,” the MWLUG 2015 conference brings everyone together to share knowledge and expand awareness of innovation in IBM collaboration environment.

MWLUG 2015 brings to you over 40 sessions and workshops on collaboration. Topics including application development, system administration, best practices in social collaboration, customer business cases, and innovation.

Benefits of MWLUG 2015

MWLUG 2015 provides you as an IBM technology professional many benefits including:

  • Over 40 technical sessions and workshops
  • Breakfast and lunch for two days
  • Networking with other IBM Professionals
  • Wednesday evening reception
  • Thursday networking and fun event
  • Access to experts of IBM solutions
  • Free workshops

BCC Sessions

Let the Phoenix Rise – rationalise your IBM Domino environment!
Day to day administration of the Domino environment can be tedious and demanding. Bad decisions without understanding the true potential of the platform have often led to Domino being relegated to the status of a legacy system. Not only that, mismanagement of the environment also poses significant security issues resulting in legal complications. Being the true Domino fans that we are, we’ve not only been helping raise its profile but have also gained a valuable insight at hundreds of customers over the years. In this session we will share our knowledge of best practices on how to streamline and standardise IBM Notes and Domino administration and application management, enhance system security and ensure compliance with legal regulations.

Date/Time: 19th August 16:30 EDT

Room: Charter

MWLUG 2015MWLUG 2015

Speakers: Arshad Khalid and Stephanie Heit

Boost Your IBM Domino Server Security with BCC DominoProtect  
Whether you are a pro or just getting your teeth into the world of Domino administration, we’ve collected five common pitfalls (and their remedies) in Domino security that everyone should be aware of!  In this session we will not only look at why is it important to protect your server ID but also how to protect it while still allowing unattended server restarts! We will also see how to secure the ID Vault with BCC DominoProtect to prevent malicious access. In addition we will also discuss how to prevent misuse of the Full Access Administration feature and how to track, prevent and rollback any unauthorised changes in real time – all with easy conifiguration steps using BCC DominoProtect.

Date/Time: 20th Aug/1300 EDT
Room: Committee

MWLUG 2015
Speaker: Arshad Khalid

Just a View: An Introduction To Model-View-Controller Pattern
The only constant in software development is CHANGE. Every piece of software that has been developed and shipped to a customer will be changed numerous times during it’s life cycle. Depending on how well the code is designed, it is more or less easy to implement changes. MVC, which is an acronym for Model – View – Controller is no new concept. In fact this design paradigm was created by Xerox in the 80’s, and it is becoming THE recommended model for designing frameworks – especially on the web. The session will give an overview of design pattern in general and MVC in particular. We will show, how to use the MVC design paradigm in an XPages application and demonstrate, how easy it is to implement changes. Need to read/write your data from/to an XML file instead of using a Notes View. MVC makes software maintenance easy as 1-2-3

MWLUG 2015

Date/Time: 21st Aug/1000 EDT
Room: Cabinet/Caucus
Speaker: Ulrich Krause