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June 11-12, 2015

INFORM is Australia’s premier IBM Collaboration Solutions technology event, bringing together delegates from across Australia. INFORM’s aim is to provide attendees with focused access to the best local and international IBM industry experts, covering the latest advances in the IBM Collaboration Solutions suite of products. This is the event to attend if you want to stay current with Social Business, Mobile and Cloud as a developer, administrator, or decision maker.


Presenter: Olaf Bourner Olaf will be presenting three sessions at the event.

Let the Phoenix Rise – rationalise your IBM Domino environment! 12th June 08:45-09:30 Day to day administration of the Domino environment can be tedious and demanding. Bad decisions without understanding the true potential of the platform have often led to Domino being relegated to the status of a legacy system. Not only that, mismanagement of the environment also poses significant security issues resulting in legal complications. Being the true Domino fans that we are, we’ve not only been helping raise its profile but have also gained a valuable insight at hundreds of customers over the years. In this session we will share our knowledge of best practices on how to streamline and standardise IBM Notes and Domino administration and application management, enhance system security and ensure compliance with legal regulations.

IBM Connections Cloud –User

Management and Integration with your Enterprise Directory 11th June 14:10 – 14:55 Whether you are running IBM Connections Cloud S2 or SmartCloud Notes Hybrid it requires adding your user accounts to IBM Connections Cloud. In this session will introduce you to IBM Connections Cloud User Administration and how to automate these task with your on premise administrative procedures and tools using the Integration Server.

Moving your collaboration infrastructure to the Cloud. Stairway to heaven or highway to hell ? 12th June 13:10 – 13:55 All major software vendors are switching their business model to cloud based delivery. Will these be a win / win situation for vendors and customers or is it just a more effective vendor lock in ? In this session we are trying to answer this not so easy question to understand if this is market or vendor driven: Which cloud model software companies provides and why do they want to push to their Cloud ? Does it makes sense for enterprise customers to abandon their on-premise infrastructure ?