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    IBM Connections not performing as you'd like it to?

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    Our experience with IBM Connections has shown us time and again that ignoring regular maintenance will lead to slow performance and functional failure of some components of the IBM Connections system.

    If this sounds like your current experience of IBM Connections then we are here to help.

    Covering IBM Connections and it's associated software, our Connections Administrators have used their extensive knowledge and experience to create our Connections Health Check service.

    Looking into all aspects of the health of all systems from the front end HTTP server right through to the backend databases. Nothing gets missed along the way as the certified technician will follow our unique health check procedures, that have been tuned over many years and the countless IBM Connections systems we have seen.

    Once the Health Check has been completed a full report will be issued on the current status of the system and highlight any concerns that may need to be addressed. Preferential scheduling will be applied to any following remedial actions following a completed Connections Health Check.

    Now that your system is working as it should be, why not sign up to our regular maintenance program Connections Admin Bot, to keep your system running smoothly.

    Considering an upgrade to the latest version? The Connections Health Check is the first stage in our Connections Upgrade Services.


    • Our fully certified technicians will throughly check your Connections, WebSphere, database, TDI and IBM HTTP Servers
    • Full report of current system, status and areas for concern
    • Remedial measure required will be listed along with an estimate of resolution time required
    • Know how to get your IBM Connections system to be as performant as possible
    • Easily fits into our Connections Admin Bot service once working as required

    Checks undertaken include:

    • Connections : security, application functionality, search performance
    • HTTP Server : logs, function, security
    • WebSphere : environmental tuning, log checks, s/w versions
    • TDI : configuration, scheduling, tuning
    • Database : datasource tuning, optimization


    System Requirements
    • Connections 4.5 and above
      • Connections 4.0 and below (contact us for upgrade advice)
    • DB/2, Oracle or Microsoft SQL
    • Connections administrator account
    • WebSphere administrator account
    • Database administrator account
      • or access to the DBA to run the scripts required
    • VPN connection to your system

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