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Germany +49 6196 64040 - 0 | UK +44 20 32909224

    BCC’s Connect Your Domino - Quick Start offers to fulfill on IBM’s promise of free entitlement to use IBM® Connections™ Profiles and Files capabilities with IBM® Domino™.

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    Take full advantage of your existing entitlement to IBM Connections files and profiles.

    This entitlement includes the following IBM Connections features

    • Home page - See what is happening across your social network and access the social data that is important to you.
    • Profiles - Find and discover the expertise you need.
    • Files - Share and discover documents, presentations and images with your colleagues. Eliminate system duplicates and reduce the amount of mail in your inbox. Provide rich social content & document management experience with add-on capabilities provided by IBM Connections Content Manager


    Be ready for IBM Verse that requires Profiles and Files information from IBM Connections to make best use of its features such as:

    • Profile pictures are shown in the 'Important to me bar'
    • Replace attachments with links to files from Connections
    • Always access the current content, data and documents
    • The uploaded data can be provided with recommendations and comments


    • Our fully certified technicians save you the time in having to learn WebSphere, DB2, TDI and IBM HTTP Server administration
    • Full documentation of the install & configuration settings
    • Training material/handouts for key points on where users can benefit from using the integrated system included
    • Ready availability to answer any questions you might have and advise on next steps should you wish to deploy the full IBM Connections suite

    Project Phases:

    • Project kick-off call
    • Install
    • Configure
    • Documentation / Training handouts


    System Requirements
    • A virtual machine / physical machine
      • 2CPUs minimum
      • 10GB RAM
      • 300GB drive space
    • Supported OS
      • Windows 2008 R2 / 2012 R2
      • RedHat Enterprise Linux RHEL 6.6 / 7.1
    • LDAP – access to a supported LDAP server with the users required
      • IBM Domino 8.5.3 / 9.0.1
    • A read account for the LDAP server
    • An IP address & hostname for the Connections server
    • SSL certificate

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