IBM Notes and Domino users can send and receive faxes as easy as emails!

Charon is a module-based and scalable unified messaging platform for the IBM Notes and Domino environment.

It enables the users to send and receive faxes as easy as emails – directly at their computers. Add-on modules extend the functionality of this fax gateway solution. Using a physical fax board on your Domino server is not necessarily required. Charon can be used in a complete virtual environment, utilizing a virtual fax board, a virtual fax board using T.38 or Softfax.

In this demo you'll see how to: 

  • Send fax and text messages via IBM Notes email
  • Send fax messages from desktop applications via print function
  • Receive incoming faxes directly into your mailbox
  • Encrypt the delivery of incoming confidential faxes
  • Convert messages and attachments into PDF documents

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