Securely automate the user and group management process within the IBM Domino environment.

AdminTool satisfies regulatory compliance because of its standard workflow approval process. By allowing you to separate user management responsibilities by delegating these tasks to the help desk, it also siginificantly reduces administration costs by relieving technical personnel from these routine activities. 

AdminTool integrates easily with other systems such as Active Directory or other Identity Management/HR systems and other BCC solutions to automate the administration process as far as possible. It has also been validated as “Ready for Social Business” by IBM which means it will work together with your IBM Social Business Software and provide end to end integration and value.

In this demo you'll see how to: 

  • Easily manage the entire life cycle for users, groups and mail-in databases
  • Implement request based processing through configurable processes and workflows
  • Integrate with existing external systems (SAP, LDAP etc)
  • Implement delegation and user self-service without compromising security objects, and more...

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