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BCC - Business Collaboration Company

BCC, a Microsoft and IBM business partner, offers diverse solutions with secure, compliant and cost efficient management in the Microsoft and IBM infrastructure. BCC has been developing quality products and first class implementation for over 20 years. We ensure consistent customer focus, great technical and interpersonal skills and effective service designed to assist and support. Our solutions fill the functional gaps in the collaboration products available. We are working with over 800 corporate enterprises and SME’s across the world and have 3 million users trusting BCC solutions.

Who we are

BCC, an IBM and Microsoft business partner, offers a wide range of solutions for secure, compliant and cost-effective management of IBM and Microsoft infrastructure. For over 20 years, BCC have been working with companies to secure their social business infrastructure, automate underlying administration processes and ensure regulatory compliance.
With solid experience of managing IBM collaboration environments we help organizations reduce risk, improve efficiency by securing and streamlining existing processes, thereby lowering cost.
Our solutions include automated user, group and database management, server security, secure and compliant messaging, central client management – all of which can be easily integrated into the existing company processes and are trusted by over 800 customers.

Vision, Mission and Philosophy

BCC assures consistent customer focus, loyalty and dedication, great technical and interpersonal skills of their employees as well as innovative products.

The employees of BCC have years of experience in a variety of projects and deliver prime solutions for the IBM Notes, Domino and Microsoft  environment.

The products of BCC bridge the “functional gaps” of the IBM product portfolio and offer comprehensive support for all the administrative processes. Together IBM, Microsoft and BCC have a strong partnerships.

Customers and Partners

Over 800 customers with more than 3 million users trust the BCC solutions, including corporate enterprises and SMEs, public and financial institutions, as well as numerous cooperative and savings banks.

The distribution of BCC products and solutions is done both directly and through partners. The partner network consists of more than 80 companies worldwide.


Olaf Boerner

Olaf Boerner

Founder, CEO


Olaf Boerner is the CEO and founder of BCC. He is passionate about collaboration technologies and speaks regularly at German and international conferences. Olaf has been named IBM Champion for IBM Collaboration Solutions (ICS)in 2014 and 2015.