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    Easily manage user credentials and access rights, automate group and mailbox Management, delegate tasks to help desk or end users, connect with Identity Management / HR systems, establish revision proof processes, improve your system security and Integrates with Microsoft Office 365, Azure Active Directory, Active Directory, Exchange, WebEx, IBM Domino and IBM Connections.

    More than just simple user administration - AdminTool securely automates user, group and mailbox management processes, standardizes change management using workflow approvals and provides comprehensive logging. AdminTool allows organizations to separate user management responsibilities by delegating these tasks to the help desk, human resources department or end users, thereby relieving technical personnel from these routine activities. By implementing a standard workflow approval process, it also satisfies the “two man rule” required for regulatory compliance.

    Due to its broad range of functions and almost unlimited flexibility, AdminTool integrates easily into almost any collaboration platform or identity management solution in order to automate the administration process as much as possible.

    AdminTool perfectly integrates with other BCC products like MailProtect or ClientGenie to provide a seamless migration process between IBM Notes, Microsoft Office365 or Exchange.

    • Easily manage the entire life cycle of users, groups and mailboxes.
    • Implement request based processing through configurable processes and workflows.
    • Integrate with existing external systems (SAP, LDAP, Identity Management solutions, On-Premise/Cloud environments).
    • Implement delegation and user self-service without compromising security object.
    • Centralized and secure management of security objects (System credentials, certificates).
    • Fully automated server based processing via a server task.
    • Comprehensive logging and traceability.

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    Supported Platforms


    Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Exchange,

    Office 365, Cisco WebEx, IBM Connections,

    IBM SmartCloud Notes, Skype for Business


    Microsoft Active Directory,

    Microsoft Exchange 2013/2017,

    IBM Domino / Notes, Skype for Business

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