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    Administrators looking for an efficient process to manage their daily Notes client management tasks and also support infrastructure projects will find the perfect solution in ClientGenie.

    ClientGenie is a comprehensive and feature-rich Notes client administration solution that is simple to install and use.

    ClientGenie helps analyze your environment, automates client setup, trouble-shooting and simplifies difficult tasks like; Notes upgrades or server and domain consolidations. With ClientGenie, organizations can easily reduce the cost of managing their Notes environment, relieve the admin team from their workload and enhance the productivity of their end users.

    Support for Domino project changes:

    • Automate domain consolidations, migrations, server relocation and recertifications.
    • Speed up Notes client release updates.
    • Support database roll-out to users’ desktops.

    Daily Notes Client Administration:

    • Audit your Notes client environment.
    • Automate initial setup of Notes clients.
    • Define and deploy standard client profiles.
    • Carry out & monitor changes to client configuration.
    • Setup, maintain and support roaming and mobile users.
    • Manage all elements of the users workspace – database icons, replication page, connection documents and more.

    ClientGenie Basics for safer Notes 10 upgrades.

    ClientGenie Basics helps you with these challenges through a regular
    automated analysis of Notes clients without interrupting the end user.


    ClientGenie Basics Download PDF


    Why ClientGenie?
    • Reduce the total cost of ownership for your IBM Notes and Domino infrastructure.
    • Lower help desk call volume for client configuration issues.
    • Enhance the productivity of end users.
    • Relieve skilled personnel from dealing with broken database links and missing tiles.
    • Take out the risk from infrastructure projects and speed them up.
    ClientGenie System Requirements

    BCC ClientGenie is available for a variety of operating systems and IBM Domino server versions.

    Operating Systems

    32 bit

    64 bit

    Windows Server 2012

    Windows Server 2008

    Windows 10

    Windows Vista

    Windows 7

    IBM Notes/Domino    
    IBM Domino 9.0.1

    IBM Domino 8.5.3

    IBM Notes 9.0.1

    Lotus Notes 8.5.3

    ClientGenie Analyzer Edition

    You want to know, what's going on at your Notes clients? Get 360° insight of your environment with ClientGenie Analyzer Edition for free! *

    Try ClientGenie Analyzer


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