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Germany +49 6196 64040 - 0 | UK +44 20 32909224

MailProtect is a one-stop shop for IBM Domino messaging to protect your messaging infrastructure, enhance email based communication and meet regulatory requirements

MailProtect offers a central configurable rule based system for easy email management, ensure correct and corporate design compliant email signatures and encrypt outbound emails with instant encryption.

MailProtect is designed to monitor email traffic and enables administrators to control and take action if required. It provides a real time check based on “Mail Conditions” which interpret one or more configured rules such as efficient Out of Office management including delegation and forwarding.

MailProtect provides several secure messaging options such as conventional encryption via PGP, S/MIME including certificate handling or password based instant encryption. Instant Encryption is designed to satisfy data protection needs without implementing a Public Key Infrastructure.

MailProtect also offers a spam and antivirus shield for email users. In addition to the included ClamAV engine, BCC provides an integrated OEM antivirus solution form AVIRA Germany. It can also work with other scan engines available on the market. MailProtect uses the leading ISS antispam technology and word lists to provide effective antispam services.

  • Easily manage your email infrastructure centrally via policies
  • Maintain email signature branding and disclaimers
  • Centrally manage Out-of-Office delegation and forwarding
  • Implement digital signature and encryption with or without PKI
  • Shield email users against spam and viruses
  • Ensure compliance with automated archiving

Mail Protect

Mail Protect
MailProtect System Requirements

BCC MailProtect is available for a variety of operating systems and IBM Notes and Domino versions

Operating Systems

32 bit

64 bit

Windows Server 2012

Windows Server 2008

Suse Enterprise Linux v10


Suse Enterprise Linux v11  

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.0, 5.1


Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.3  

Windows 10

Windows 8

Windows 7

IBM Notes/Domino    
IBM Domino 9.0.1

IBM Domino 8.5.3

IBM Notes 9.0.1  
Lotus Notes 8.5.3  

Why MailProtect?
  • Ready to use, pre-configured complete solution for secure messaging
  • Quick, simple & affordable email encryption
  • Seamless integration IBM Notes/Domino (server task)
  • Centrally managed standardised email signature, branding & out of office automation
  • Cost-efficient anti-virus protection through integrated open source virus scanner ClamAV, even applicable to encrypted e-mails
  • Savings in storage costs due to size limitation and compression of file attachments
  • Comply with regulatory requirements through automated archiving of emails and central logging of all operations
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